Rosa's Photo Corner

Rosa's Photo Corner: Secret Prostitutes, Southmore House Circle Pit, Todo Moto Motorcycle Club and El Desmadre

[Rocks Off asked local music photographess supreme and Mutant Hardcore Flower Hour co-host Rosa Guerrero if she'd be willing to periodically open up her vast archives for our readers' enjoyment, and she graciously agreed. Here are her first submissions.]

"The Secret Prostitutes perform at a warehouse on Commerce Street: This show was busted up by the cops pretty early on. Pity. It was a beautiful, cold, clear October night. They are performing tonight at Boondocks."

"From the Southmore House Series - 'Double Decker Circle Pit': I was using a short lens and was nearly wiped out taking this photograph. Nikon FA, 24 mm lens, a flash and a prayer."

"Todo Moto Motorcycle Club members: This was taken earlier this year on Leeland Street, just east of downtown."

"El Desmadre live on the Mutant Hardcore Flower Hour, KTRU 91.7 FM: El Desmadre played live on Rice Radio. They turned alot of heads when they were loading in, I remember that well. I used cheap consumer black-and-white film that you can get at any drugstore. Contrasty but good if you need quick turnaround." - Rosa Guerrero

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Rosa Guerrero