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That means Kulick and Corabi have something to prove -- not only to their former employers, but to fans itchy to see whether they can function on their own. Alas, on both counts, Union falls short. In fairness, the group does show an occasional spark when taking on standard, metal-by-numbers fare such as "Tangerine." They also exude a greasy funk aroma on the hummable "Pain Behind Your Eyes."

For his part, Kulick (always an underrated guitarist) leads a powerful consolidated attack on the raucous "Old Man Wise" and "Love (I Didn't Need It Anymore)." Corabi, on the other hand, has to be the out-of-the-gate favorite this year for Metal Edge's Blandest Singer honor. His one-dimensional middle range is ill-suited to pushing the limits of the more mediocre numbers -- of which Union has too many. In most every aspect, this Union needs more time to bond. (**)

-- Bob Ruggiero

Union plays Instant Karma Tuesday, May 12.

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