Rotation: DJ Witnes & Squincy Jones, Do Ya Homework

DJ Witnes & Squincy Jones Do Ya Homework

Do Ya Homework recently landed this pair of local mixmen some positive press in URB magazine’s June issue, which said this online-only “mixtape” – posted on Witnes and Squincy’s blogs and MySpace pages, among other places – makes for some “good head-scratchers and noggin-nodding.” Homework splices together several definitive hip-hop cuts from 1987 and ‘88, and acts as both nostalgic revisiting of those years’ culture and style and pop quiz for self-proclaimed heads. Intentionally omitting a track listing, the duo tests listeners’ recall by changing songs every 30 seconds or so – just enough time to separate the real heads from the funk-fakers. “Current generations are clueless and don’t seem really motivated to learn about the groups that made hip-hop what it is today,” says Witnes. Take heed, all ye pupils of hip-hop, class is in session; as Witnes says, “They don’t make hip-hop like that no more.” Teach! – Valerie Alberto

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