Rotation: Dueling DJs

Okay, they're not exactly dueling. Actually they're not dueling at all, we just liked the title. Two Houston area DJs, DJ Mo Phatt and DJ Josh Dupont, gave us their top ten list and we thought we'd pass them on to you. Compare, contrast, discuss.

DJ Mo Phatt

1. "Errday" - J-Nicks 2. "Coffee Shop" - Yung Joc Yung Joc f. Gorilla Zoe "Coffee Shop" 3. "Laid Back" - P.K.T. f/ Paul Wall 4. "Da Shop Boyz" - Rock Star 5. "Tuck Ya Ice" - Trick Daddy 6. "Spark Dawg" - Wheels Spin 7. "Take Me To The Mall" - Xtaci 8. "My 6-4" - Mike Jones 9. "Montana" - We Runnin' 10. "Do The Double Dutch" - The KC Gift

DJ Josh Dupont

1. "25 Timer" - Trentemoller 2. "Moved" Featuring Prosumer - Sebo K 3. "Moan"- Trentemoller 4. "Praise" - Art of Tones 5. "Smart Cats & Dumb Dogs" - Jona 6. "Powderroom" - James Flavour 7. "Rancho Relaxo" - Anja Schneider & Sebo K 8. "Another Man" - Oxia & Eric Borgo - 2007 Remix 9. "Tomboy" - Synchronize 10. "Keepin Me" - Stereotyp - Fauna Flash Remix

DJ Mo Phatt can be heard each week night on the World Greastest Hip Hop Show Ever, from 10 p.m. - 2 a.m. on KPVU 91.3 FM or via the web at PVamu.edu. You can catch DJ Josh Dupont at "Metropolitan Fridays" at Mosaic, "Choice Sundays" at The Davenport and "Saturday is the New Brunch" @ La Strada (starts May 5th).

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