Rudy's Country Store Sign Don't Need No Thought Control

Either someone in the front office at Rudy's Country Store & Barbecue near U.S. 290 and Huffmeister got a push from the corporate higher-ups to start slinging more banana pudding, or they are really stoked to have scored front-row Roger Waters tickets.

Or maybe Live Nation is introducing some covert BBQ cross-promotion action?

The ex-Pink Floyd front man will be performing his former band's iconic 1979 concept album The Wall in its entirety November 20 at Toyota Center. The show comes complete with a wall being constructed and then torn down onstage during the course of the evening.

Now if jewelry outfit Jared would start using Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" in its ads, maybe more people would get married too.

How about Wells Fargo buys the rights to "Money" and offers free downloads of Dark Side Of The Moon when you open a new account? If you get checks (Grandpa...), you can order the "Any Colour You Like" option. Choosing "On the Run," meanwhile, reimburses your account for ATM fees at other terminals, too.

Inevitably, Trojan Condoms would buy "Young Lust," and come out with condom packages featuring your favorite Floyd album covers. The special "Wall" package also comes with a free dental dam.

New Balance, introducing a new ad campaign, bites "Run Like Hell" for some new televsion spots, infusing clips of deranged, drug-addicted rockers running the streets. Cigarettes burn to down to the runners' fingers in the last seconds of the shoe maker's Super Bowl ad.

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