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Ruiners Take a Comically Dark Look at the Afterlife In New Video

Houston's Ruiners continue to be one of the best bands around.
Houston's Ruiners continue to be one of the best bands around. Photo by Daniel Jackson
Houston's Ruiners continually prove that they're one of the best bands to come out of this city in recent years. In their new video for the track "Outside," the four piece emits notes of emo tinged punk.

The video directed by Houston photographer and videographer Derek Rathbun, is a comically dark look into the afterlife. Complete with children's toys, imagery around death, and plenty of colors; one by one members meet their demise while becoming part of something larger in the grand scheme of things. The track, the lead single from the band's upcoming release Typecast, shows how far and how focused the band has come since releasing Plebeian last year. With plenty of punk intensity and emo hooks, the song is a nice glimpse of what's to come from the four piece.

You can watch the video above as much as you'd like, or stream the track here via Soundcloud through Geodesic Records. Typecast will be released through the new label on September 4. Plans for a release party are to be revealed soon. You can purchase Typecast from Geodesic or from the band's Bandcamp when it's released.
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