Saturday At Numbers: A Night Of Pure Texas Goth

Saturday will bring some of Texas' darkest and most talented Goths together for a night of music and fashion. While the rest of you are out soaking up BestFest a good portion of the Gothic Council will be over at Numbers for an evening of fashion and music.

The focus of the evening is a showing of the latest designs by Batty, who recently left Houston for Fort Worth but returns to display her latest pieces.

"I wanted to put together an event that showcased gothic music and fashion together in one night and also gave the patrons a chance to dress up," she says.

As opposed to other shows she's done in the past, many of Batty's latest works are designed for recession wallets. In the past her work tended to be very top-of-the-line, including a $400-plus dress that the Wife With One F saved for months to buy. With joblessness hitting the goth scene just as hard as the rest of the country, her current line aims to keep everyone looking good at a price they can afford.

Batty has also been delving into the music world recently. Most goths have DJed a time or two, just like most of them have worked at Erotic Cabaret or Dare Ware for a spell, and Batty is no different. Now she's taken up a radio DJ gig spinning her personal favorite tunes Tuesday nights at Dark Mother Media.

"I am playing newer gothic or dark bands," she says. "I am trying to keep my selections broad, I will play goth, post punk, witch house, dark synth, pretty much anything under the 'dark music' umbrella that is new and exciting. I am also playing new songs from older established bands in the genres and throwing in some rarely played older tracks to fill things out."

Her current favorite tracks come from Angels of Liberty, a band we really need to get around to doing something on, as well as tunes from Nosferatu, Strap On Halo and her boyfriend Toby Rider's band, Ending the Vicious Cycle.

Rider and his group will also be on hand Saturday to perform a set. Rider was a part fo the Los Angeles post-punk scene in the 80s before coming to Texas to study at Texas Tech. He formed EVC in 2009, putting a great deal of emphasis on a deathrock approach. In fact, a lot of the songs we've heard from the band sound like lost Bauhaus b-sides with Toby's low voice and the pounding drums.

This will be the first chance we've had to catch EVC, and considering that most of what we've heard from them has been on lo-fi burned CDs from friends, we're looking forward to hearing their sound up close and personal through the improved Numbers PA. EVC will be releasing a new five song EP entitled Ghosts in November 2011, followed by a southeast regional tour in spring of 2012.

EVC is just the opening act, though. Taking the headlining spot on the music side of the evening is the latest project by Larry and Spleen Rainwater, a horror rock outfit called the Stage Frights. We were very excited about the project when we first heard about it, particularly when we were told that they'd be working with a whole new set of musicians than with Ex-Voto or Ardour of Angels. Unfortunately, the two gave us strict instructions to stay away from their shows until they felt the band had found its feet, but there's no keeping us away this time.

It's going to be weird to hear their music without either Spleen's banshee wail or Rainwater's distinctive baritone, now that a newcomer named Jonny Splat has taken the position of front man for the band, but we have never heard anything less than inspired sonic perfection from the two no matter what name they perform under so the bar is set pretty high.

"We started the Stage Frights to have a straight up rock and roll band," said Spleen. "We wanted something looser than Ex-Voto or Ardour of Angels. We wanted to make drunk people dance. We're working on an album and have already had request from other parts of the country to come play."

Rest assured, Gothopia will be on hand with a report to tell you just how the Texas goth music scene is evolving.

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