Saturday: Kelly Clarkson At The Galleria

Kelly Clarkson The Galleria June 25, 2011

Aftermath knew that Pride weekend in Houston was going to get a little weird for us, but we didn't think our Saturday afternoon pregame ritual would be standing amongst 100 tweens singing along to "Since U Been Gone," fighting off a bad case of swamp butt. By the way, swamp butt is a new expression for us, and we will be using it regularly this summer.

That was a drawn-out way of saying that Kelly Clarkson performed at the Galleria on Saturday afternoon. Microsoft sponsored Clarkson's 30-minute set in celebration of its first store opening in Texas. Her DJ had to "X" out the Apple on his Macbook.

We stood and sweated for almost an hour to get as close as possible to the stage and during the waiting period we tried chatting with the energized fans until we realized that we are old(er), tattooed, and prone to chub sweating. We have become the proverbial "stranger."

Kelly came to the stage wearing a tight, black-and-white striped dress. The Internet had told us she was fat; she's not. She's down-South thick and it's beautiful. The Texas native mentioned how happy she was to be back home, and opened with one of her many radio hits, "Miss Independent."

Really, though, as the set went on we began to remember just how many hits she's had.

After "Since You've Been Gone", Clarkson slowed it down for the wholesome, sentimental ballads "Because of You" and "Breakaway." By that point, we'd moved to a more open area to watch the front row of girls in the crowd spread their arms a la Angels In The Outfield.

She ended her performance by jumping around with her bouncy wave of fans to "My Life Would Suck Without You."

Personal Bias: Despite the sweaty crowd and bad vantage points, we were enjoying it from afar. We wanted to hear "A Moment Like This," though.

The Crowd: Metalmouths, first time girlfriend-boyfriends, and irritated parents.

Overheard In The Crowd: The DJ played some songs to get the crowd ready for Kelly, so we heard every lyric to "Never Say Never" by Justin Bieber. That song is kind of catchy.

Random Notebook Dump: #datass


Miss Independent Walk Away Since U Been Gone Because of You Breakaway My Life Would Suck Without You

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