Saturday: KTRU's Free Outdoor Show with Ted Leo and More

We hope we have some gas left in our metaphorical tanks for Saturday's "KTRU Outdoor Show." Between SXSW and Westheimer Block Party still waking us up at night like PTSD-plagued soldiers, our festival energy and motivation is quickly dwindling. But between the Pasadena boys in Buxton, B L A C K I E, and Pitchfork darlings Ted Leo & The Pharmacists rocking out on the green lawns of Rice University, we'll be drinking one of those five-hour energy concoctions.

Each year this festival doesn't disappoint, and it's for a good cause. KTRU is one of the coolest college radio stations around, playing all manner of obscure thrash and indie jams, so we would be kind of uncharitable if we didn't go. Thankfully we won't need a badge or a wristband for this event, which is a welcome change.


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