Saturday: New West Records Showcase At Cactus Music

New West Records showcase feat. Buxton, Robert Ellis & the Boys, Wild Moccasins Cactus Music April 16, 2011

Although they had a myriad of opportunities Friday night to make themselves bleary-eyed and drag-tailed - Aftermath chose The Wagoneers, and thus chose to write off Saturday morning - enough of Houston's live-music faithful showed up for Cactus Music's Record Store Day New West showcase that the Shepherd Plaza store was jam-packed well before Buxton inaugurated the in-store performances around 2:15 p.m.

Because so much of Cactus' floor space is taken up by merchandise, which people stubbornly continue to buy and certainly did so Saturday, it was hard to tell exactly how many people showed up. Our best guess is that, counting the considerable beer line in the adjacent Record Ranch, the amount of people on hand would have packed the Mink's Backroom, Mango's or Walter's current location to call-the-fire-marshal levels, and filled up most if not all of Warehouse Live's Studio, House of Blues' Bronze Peacock Room and Fitzgerald's upstairs venue.

It would take a mighty cynical person indeed to count this as anything less than great news for a music scene with such a perpetual self-esteem problem as Houston's. But the turnout would have also been a little misleading to any strangers who happened by because, in effect, there were no strangers.

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