Saturday Night: American Sharks Record Release At Fitzgerald's

American Sharks, Psychic Palms, Bang Bangz Fitzgerald's (downstairs) February 25, 2012

It was a crazed Saturday at Fitzgerald's, with a variety of acts playing upstairs and downstairs for little to no cost. I arrived a little before doors opened downstairs just in time to catch the madhouse playing upstairs that was Total Fucking Blood , complete with repeated flying kicks from the guitarist.

I actually made time to catch a little bit of Polica, also playing upstairs later that night, and they were just wonderful, but not what I came to review.

It was the American Sharks' record release show downstairs. Having seen them once before, I knew they would rock pretty hard. They slammed songs off of their new album, Weed Wizard, which all call directly back to the monolith of stoner-rock that Black Sabbath created.

Going backwards, the middle slot belonged to local band Psychic Palms (left). This band definitely calls towards more of a clear '60s influence, including anything considered generally rock and roll of that era. Okay, that's a vague arena. I'll narrow it down to somewhere around trying to capture the bluesy sounds of The Yardbirds, but louder.

The opening slot belonged to fairly new local band Bang Bangz. They began in August of last year and turned out to be a kind of polar opposite to the two bands that were to follow, mostly because the volume was turned down about 10 notches.

They delivered their own brand of ambient electro-pop rock, hinting at something along the lines of M83.

All in all, American Sharks successfully unleashed the sounds of their new album Weed Wizard to Houston. The audience was having a blast, fitting to the sweaty rockin'... rock of the album.

Personal Bias: Ney.

The Crowd: A buncha kids.

Overheard In the Crowd: "This band just melted my face off" - someone after hearing Total Fucking Blood

Random Notebook Dump: I wish I could have caught all of Polica's set! I'm thinking Björk, but with a smoother voice. I are a new fan!


Bang Bangz

Photograph Curve side Since Last Night Addictive Love Black and White Sound Off Lunar Night Souls Wrong Why

Psychic Palms

Can't Let You Go Catch Fire Sex Wave Your Rhythm Good Luck Sweetheart Francine See You In Hell

American Sharks

XVI and Pregnant Overdrive Satan's Overture Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Pt. 3 Pt. 4

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