Saturday Night: Digital Mystikz at Gritsy's 6th Anniversary

Gritsy's 6th Anniversary Party feat. Digital Mystikz Warehouse Live July 14, 2012

Back in April, the Press ran a cover story about the rise of dubstep stateside, placing it next to the story of Gritsy, a local DIY promotions company that founded, and remains to run, one of the original dubstep parties in the country.

In the story, we're introduced to a number of the genre's characters, most notably Mala, a premiere European DJ often associated with the birth of the scene and described as "kind of like what Bob Dylan is to rock and roll" by Suraj Kurian, one of Gritsy's founders.

Saturday night, Mala, alongside his longtime group mate Coki (together they make Digital Mystikz), flew in to perform at Gritsy's sixth anniversary party. I went because, I mean, how many times are you going to get that opportunity? Some spark notes* from the show:

The term "spark notes" was created by a local rapper named Cuddy. Credit where it's due.

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Shea Serrano