Saturday Night Live's Top 10 Musician Portrayals & Parodies

Ahhh... Saturday Night Live. A place where pop culture goes to get mocked.

SNL has long mocked many musicians, though some more scathingly than others. The original "Not Ready for Prime Time Players" and various other casts that have come and gone do it with such finesse and bite, which is what makes these sketches classics.

10. "The Courtney Love Show": Courtney Love is... how do we say this... funny when she's mad. Former SNL cast member Molly Shannon nails it when she says "EAT ME! EAT ME!" and proceeds to sing a rather drunken duet of songs from The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews, played by Broadway legend Christine Baranski.

lucy lawless by dummy-account

9. "Stevie Nicks Fajita Roundup": Rocker Stevie Nicks is one unique rocker. However, we don't think our lovely friends at our sister blog Eating Our Words would be too kind to Ms. Nicks' presentation of food if it looked as bad as it does in this fake ad.

Even the lure of Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks memorabilia would not get us to eat at this restaurant. Funny thing is that Nicks herself approved of this sketch, telling Australian-based Madison magazine that "Lucy [Lawless] looked amazing, and she was amazing as me. So I could not have been happier."

8. "Celebrity Jeopardy" feat. Bjőrk, Dave Matthews & Sean Connery: The recurring "Celebrity Jeopardy" was one of the best sketches Will Ferrell ever made, playing straight-man Alex Trebek to a revolving cast of dumb celebrity characters (but always including the the sharp-tongued Sean Connery). However, the writers saved the best for last when they paired the Trebek-hating Scotsman with Dave Matthews and Bjőrk.

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