Saturday Night: Luis Miguel At Toyota Center

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Weird Moment No. 2: Whenever Miguel leaned over the edge of the stage to shake hands with fans in the first few rows, one of his Men in Black security guys would rush up behind him, flip up Miguel's coattails and reach in to grab him by the belt to keep him from being pulled into the audience. What a gig.

A 6', 200-pound black guy wearing an impeccably tailored suit and black sunglasses, grabbing a famous singer by the back of the pants in front of thousands of people makes for an odd job description.

Personal Bias: Multimillionaires in business suits belong in offices, not onstage shaking their ass and blowing kisses to tarty grandmothers.

The Crowd: Multi-generational Latinos ... with a distinct liking for tight, shiny clothes.

Overheard In the Crowd: "Did he really date Mariah Carey?" "Yeah, but I think Tommy Mottola made him."

Random Notebook Dump: Is Luis actually playing air guitar onstage? And biting his bottom lip for emphasis?

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Olivia Flores Alvarez