Saturday Night: Norah Jones at Bayou Music Center

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Little Broken Hearts is as aggressive as Come Away With Me was passive, if you're bold enough to refer to Jones' music as passive-aggressive -- but why wouldn't you be? Much of her career has been a snapshot of her sitting at a piano, talking about what she couldn't, wouldn't or shouldn't do ("Don't know why I didn't come," she sang on her breakout hit), so it was nice to witness this newest effort.

As mild as Miss Jones may be, we dare to call her performance badass, as she oscillated from the schizophrenic "Happy Pills" to the murderous, catcalling "Miriam," a song that we still can't get out of our head.

Jones also paid homage to Hearts producer Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton on "Black," a song featured on he and collaborator Daniele Luppi's co-composed album, Rome. In contrast to Julian's one-man-band style, Jones was backed by a full set of musicians, including Pete Remm, who, on accompanying piano, jiggled keys for "What Am I to You?" a single from her Feels Like Home album.

Try as she did to push her latest collection of tunes, Jones' reputation has been made on one sound and one song, and that's what the audience came to see. Her voice, famous for being thick as gravy, doubled down into an even thicker roux when she sat down at the piano.

"The Nearness of You," another Come Away With Me stunner, prefaced what we were waiting for, and even the drunk chatterers quieted down when the first chords of "Don't Know Why" started to play. Jones, finally alone on a darkened stage worked magic, rewinding us all back to our own special day in 2002 when we first heard that haunting song.

Personal Bias: When you're a boy child, and a misfit, there are a lot of heavy metal bands at your disposal. But when you're a girl child, and a misfit, and a romantic, musicians like Norah Jones are the ones who get you through the halls of high school a little less worse for wear.

The Crowd: Jones is only 33 years old, so it was surprising to see so many middle-aged concert attendees.

Overhead in the Crowd: "Come party with us, Norah!" yelled a fan from the crowd. "What would we do?" she responded, gasping. "Drink?"

Random Notebook Dump: By all means, sir, please arrive to the concert 30 minutes late and stand in front of me while you look around for your seat.

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