Saturday Night: Peter Murphy At Numbers

Peter Murphy Numbers March 19, 2011

The way the main man of a solo act walks out onto the stage says a lot about the kind of show you're going to get. Some beg for accolades, some are utterly indifferent. The word that came to mind as Murphy took center stage, flanked by his band, was control.

Control and perhaps regality. Murphy seemed to merely take the applause as his due.

It's easy to forget that the basis of goth, punk, and a dozen other subgenres is simply rock and roll. No matter what heights of experimentation or pure psychedelia an artist may indulge in sequestered in the studio, once they take the stage and the rhythm of the music takes hold even the man who gave us "Bela Lugosi's Dead," is every bit a pillar of pure rock as Mick Jagger. The question is what you cut the liquor with.

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