Saturday Night: Porter Robinson at Stereo Live

Porter Robinson, Mat Zo, The M Machine Stereo Live June 30, 2012

In doing research to cover this show, I created the Porter Robinson drinking game. It's simple: When you read a CD or live-show review for the guy you take a drink anytime his age is mentioned, anytime someone references the big-name DJs who have cosigned him, or anytime someone uses the word "complextro"; you finish your glass anytime someone uses the phrase "wunderkind" or "OWSLA."

It's not that these types of things aren't important, it's just that they're mentioned every single time anyone puts words to page when talking about the guy.

The obvious questions then are: Can someone who turns 20 in two weeks really rock the crowd like a veteran? Can that same person step out of the shadows of the giants that have endorsed him? Is complextro a real thing or just a word made up to confuse people who don't know any better (like me)?

With those questions in mind, I made my first trip to Stereo Live to see if I could find the answers.

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