Saturday Night: Ricky Martin At Toyota Center

Ricky Martin Toyota Center April 23, 2011

Ricky Martin is gay. Not Lil B "The Based God" gay, but actually gay. And even though this fact - which Martin revealed to a good deal of media fanfare last year - is significant insomuch as it helps define him as a person, his Toyota Center performance on Holy Saturday night highlighted something equally significant and equally definitive: Ricky Martin is an exceptional musical talent.

Dressed in black leather and a fauxhawk, the 39-year-old Puerto Rican superstar and former Menudo member began the night atop a steel cage with the song "Sera Sera (Too Late)." As a sign of confidence, both in his dancers and the audience, Martin let himself fall backwards down to the stage, kicking off a contemplative opening set that included the message "Don't Be Afraid of Yourself" projected on the arena's big screens.

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