Saturday Night: Say Anything And Motion City Soundtrack At Warehouse

Say Anything, Motion City Soundtrack Warehouse Live November 20, 2010

It's not easy task fighting the pains of growing up, and it's even harder to fight Nazis, but Say Anything managed to do both Saturday night at Warehouse Live. For those of you unfamiliar with the band, we'll clarify: Lead singer Max Bemis was raised in a Jewish setting, and his grandparents are Holocaust survivors.

In "Alive With the Glory of Love," Bemis belts out what would be atypical lyrics about a couple's love being torn apart by unseen circumstances, but the the song is really about his grandparents' affection for one another while surviving Hitler's reign of terror.

"Should they catch us and dispatch us to those separate work camps, I'll dream about you/ I will not doubt you with the passing of time," Bemis sings. "Should they kill me, your love will fill me as warm as the bullets/ I'll know my purpose/ This war was worth this, I won't let you down/ No, I won't/ Alive with the glory of love."

Pretty cool, right?

So those of you hoping to read another article bashing "some emo band" and harping on the genius of genre-changers have been thwarted by intelligent and pertinent lyricism.

Take that, scenesters!

Saturday night's attendance level was a bit of a bell graph, peaking during Say Anything and beginning to dwindle halfway through Motion City Soundtrack's set. While Motion City's crowd might not have been quite as large, though, it was just as energetic.

Dozens of fists pounded the air, jumped up and down (unknowingly creating what looked like the wave from the back) and sang along to the catchy lyrics of "Feels Like Rain," "Even if it Kills Me," and 'Make Out Kids."

MCS doesn't get the credit they're due, really. Since before this genre of music gained a strong following via Fall Out Boy, they have been writing love ballads, teenage sob stories and satirical lyrics such as "let's get fucked up and die," which, unless you were in high school during the song's release, you probably think is in poor taste.

Both bands are much deeper than most give them credit for, but we're glad to see they still have somewhat of a strong following.

While MCS's lyrics tend to focus on the pains of high school and early college, they're not without merit. And although they didn't perform acoustic on Saturday, a simple YouTube search of "Fell In Love Without You (Acoustic)" establishes the band's talent, showcasing vocals, piano and a simple, soothing guitar riff.

By far though, the most spirited part of the night was Say Anything's set. And before you judge their music, take into consideration that they aren't necessarily asking you to feel sorry for kids who are going through growing pains - which, when compared to the problems of adults, seem trivial.

Just try to remember although you may have grown up, others are still in the process, and it's not always easy.

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