Saturday Night: The Sword At Fitzgerald's

The Sword Fitzgerald's January 1, 2010

Aftermath wasn't even nursing a hangover after New Year's Eve, but the Sword's headlining show Saturday night melted down whatever residual toxins we were floating in and washed them away across 90 minutes at Fitzgeralds upstairs.

This show was in a sense a treat for us after getting over the NYE hump, with The Sword, Venomous Maximus, Black Congress, Eagle Claw and a few others for a decent price of admission. Coming after NYE's indie throwdown at Fitz, we all needed something a little stiff and wooly to temper the sweetness of the previous 24 hours.

Venomous Maximus and Black Congress enjoyed healthy upstairs crowds, with BC doing a handful of newer songs and VM coming up behind with a set that seemed to firmly implant their status in the scene. Since their debut show back in the early summer, the band has been evolving every so surely into one of our favorite sludgy metal bands in town. Lead singer Gregg Higgins seems more at home behind the mike and strapped to a guitar than he did when the band opened for Dead Meadow in June.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty