Saturday Night: thelastplaceyoulook at Warehouse Live

thelastplaceyoulook Warehouse Live July 7, 2012

Music is subjective, and when it hits you is oftentimes related to the circumstances under which you hear it.

Maybe you're driving around when a song comes on the radio, and it makes your ears perk up. Something about it -- a voice, a riff, a beat -- just hits you. You could be down on your luck when you hear a song that you relate to, and it's uplifting. And, even if just for a few minutes, it could pull you out of that funk you've been in.

That, or you might be at a show, slightly intoxicated, running into old friends, making new ones and screaming your head off as one of your favorite bands makes the stage its collective bitch. Yeah, it's all circumstantial.

Saturday night, in the Green Room at Warehouse Live, thelastplaceyoulook celebrated lead vocalist Nava's birthday in grand fashion, as the band performed its first headlining show of 2012.

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