Scarface Endorses Music Rights Now's Anti-Piracy Campaign

One thing Rocks Off learned from working in Washington, D.C. is that if you constantly get in Congress' face, and bring a big enough crew with you, legislators - believe it or not - listen and sometimes even act on your concerns.

When it comes to the music industry, there's never been more of a need to be vocal to policymakers. Piracy has plagued the music industry for years, and the only way to protect the intellectual property of hard-working artists is to get Congress to pass laws that will, for instance, tightly police the Internet's superhighway of illegal downloading.

A new movement called Music Rights Now, made up of anyone who even touches the music industry, is mobilizing nationally. From songwriters to recording studio engineers, to music producers, photographers and DJs to anyone whose jobs can be and have been impacted by music piracy, this group is united to take their concerns to the halls of the U.S. Capitol. Their Web site says:

"We will voice our concern to Congress, the Administration, state legislatures and city halls seeking meaningful actions to protect music from online theft. We will also raise our voice in the media - as well as with those who are all too ready to sacrifice the value of our property and the work it takes to bring it to music fans around the globe. Jobs, creativity and our culture are at stake."

Rocks Off found out about Music Rights Now through an interview we read with Scarface - he endorses it, so that makes it 100 percent legit. Truth be told, the person behind the group is Jim Urie, President and CEO of Universal Music Group, so it's also about music labels recouping their dollars back. Apparently, they invest lots of dollars, so we're not hating.

But, overall, it's an important cause.

Join Music Rights Now by joining its Facebook page.

But more importantly, click here to send a message to Congress and here to sign a petition. It's so damn easy and quick and when you're done, you're going to feel good.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July.

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