Scarface Pours Out Everything in His New Diary

You heard, yet? The brand-new project from Brad "Scarface" Jordan, Houston's preeminent gangsta poet, drops today. Predictably, it's dope. But don't go scurrying off to Spotify to find it -- try Amazon instead.

At long last, 'Face has broken his offstage silence and dished the goods in his new book, Diary of a Madman. Written together with longtime hip-hop scribe Benjamin Ingram-Meadows, the autobiography covers the rap superstar's entire bumpy and blessed existence, from his beyond-rough childhood in some of Houston's darkest places to his current exploits tearing up the city's best-manicured golf courses. It's about as complete a self-portrait of the intensely private MC that we're ever likely to get.

If you see him around town and you ask real politely, he might even sign your copy. Just don't ask him to read it.

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Nathan Smith
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