Screwston, Texas

Scenes From the 2014 H-Town Sneaker Summit

"I got more soul than Nike Airs, givin MCs nightmares"

-- Big L, "I Don't Understand It" (1995)

I have to admit, I'm not a sneaker head. Until yesterday I had never worn, much less owned, a pair of Jordans. Sure, I remember being the cool kid in the class when my mom bought me a pair of Nike Huaraches back in middle school, but I was more comfortable wearing Vans and Airwalks and Adidas.

I do, however, see the appeal of it all. If your homie from down the block collects sneakers, and the cool chica who is friends with your cousin is always wearing a fresh pair of J's, and your favorite rapper rhymes about his Yeezy's or whatever...It becomes more than just shoes. It becomes a community.

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