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Scott H. Biram Is "Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue"

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Bloodshot Records

Austin gutbucket blues maven Scott H. Biram has long been a favorite of Rocks Off, both personally and musically. The dude's songs go down like a shot of Turkey and a drag off a Marlboro Red, and he helps wash away your own demons by letting his own loose.

Biram's latest album, Something's Wrong/Lost Forever (Bloodshot), comes out next week and sees the man hitting a playful stride. His crusty howl has now mellowed into a sort of Nashville Skyline Dylan wheeze, but the album still comes complete with the requisite tape hiss and swamp-ass drumming that has been soothing savage Biram fans since his debut almost a decade ago.

Above is Something's "Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue," which will no doubt sound way better spinning on a turntable in your garage on a Saturday night while you kill off a 12 of the Beast than leaking out of your computer's speakers. But enjoy it, because according to his Web site, Biram won't be coming back around Houston for a while.

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Craig Hlavaty
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