Scott Weiland At The Woodlands, In His Own Slurred Words

For more images from the show, see our slideshow here.

The comments are already racking up on our review of Sunday night's Stone Temple Pilots show at the Woodlands, with readers firing disappointment at the band for their late start and shortened set. Rocks Off enjoyed the show, but was still miffed that we lost five songs on the usual playlist due to their tardiness.

As you might imagine from the video, rumors are now floating around that Weiland was loaded on something, but that is something we obviously cannot substantiate. You can't really call up a promoter, PR firm or manager and ask that. Weiland does admit to drinking again in this video, and has said as much to other media outlets.

Weiland's banter in between songs was odd and confusing. He touched on using inner-ear monitors, the band's first gigs, his own past drug use, what grunge means to him and why bands don't destroy gear anymore. It just so happens we didn't make the review about all this because we wanted to review the music, and not poke easy fun at what looked to be a public meltdown.

Another rumor is that Weiland is using a backing tape on this tour, and possibly previous ones. Once again, these are things we didn't notice Sunday night, but that doesn't mean they aren't possible. A recent video from a gig in Cincinnati shows what appears to be the singer possibly lip-syncing.

One commenter who claimed to work at a nearby airport offered up the information that the band was held up by a myriad of transportation problems getting to Houston. At one point, we did hear someone say that the singer was still in the air above Texas when openers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club were just hitting the stage.

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