Scott Weiland Is Still Capital-T Trouble

Scott Weiland & the Wildabouts Warehouse Live April 29, 2015

When Stone Temple Pilots first took over the alt-rock airwaves — and MTV Unplugged — in the '90s, it was apparent that front man Scott Weiland was trouble with a capital T.

Not that trouble was a bad thing, at least initially. The trouble with trouble is that while it's nearly a requirement of any good front man, ultimately, if it's not reigned in, such a thing will lead nowhere good.

For Weiland, whose rocker-Pied Piper appeal helped skyrocket Stone Temple Pilots to superstardom on albums like Crush and Purple, trouble has most certainly been been the latter for quite some time. And last night's performance at Warehouse Live with his latest band, the Wildabouts, was proof.

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Angelica Leicht
Contact: Angelica Leicht