Seattle's KEXP Loves Our Hungry Villagers

The fruits of Hungry Villagers' labors have seemingly paid off. Today, while perusing the concert industry website livedaily.com, we saw the Houston indie-pop group has today's free download of the day, new track "Tree Full Of Ghosts." Further investigation led us to the music blog for influential Seattle indie station KEXP 90.3 FM championing the band, describing them as a "burst of hope and fresh spring air."

Hungry Villagers consists of three Houck brothers - David, Jacob and Abe - and drummer Ferrick Hallaron IV. Jacob and Abe both share vocal duties and remind us, respectively, of Leonard Cohen and Arcade Fire's Win Butler. Their shadowy sound falls somewhere between that of the aforementioned Arcade Fire, spindly Britpop like Echo & The Bunnymen and Fleet Foxes' wintry blasts of folks. No wonder KEXP is so enamored.

Hungry Villagers have been slogging it out at various venues across the city since last fall. They began their live career opening up for Golden Cities and Eat Grapes at Notsuoh in November, and subsequently played a handful of shows at Boondocks and to packed crowds at Avant Garden. Since last August, they have been ensconced in a studio off I-10 recording and mixing their debut album.

The guys played the inside stage at Numbers during last Saturday's Westheimer Block Party and ran over to Cactus Music for a quick in-store at five that afternoon, to tout their new single release.

Word came down today on the HV MySpace blog that David and Abe are leaving for Georgia to build a recording studio, with Abe looking to raise his young family away from the city. Ferrick and Jacob plan to stay in H-Town for the time being, with shows being scheduled intermittinently.

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