Seething in the Rain

Houston is as wet as a Desperate Housewife sitting courtside at an L.A. Lakers game. Each day we wake up and are yet again inundated with this cursed rain. It’s summer, dammit! Where are the blistering heat waves, with old people croaking over and kids breaking into neighbors’ pools? Do we live in Seattle? Time to break out the toboggan hats? Jesus Christ, this weather is ridiculous and it’s making me depressed. I hear dark skies with little sunlight is supposed to make you go a bit loco, something to do with melatonin levels. Seasonal depression in July! Look, I love darkness, because it makes me feel like I live in Joy Division’s “Atmosphere,” so excuse me while I go commit ritualistic seppuku. Frank Billingsley, my blood is on your hands!

You can check out the Eurythmics after the jump, because nothing makes me feel worse than a plaintive Annie Lennox ballad. – Craig Hlavaty

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