Seven Modern Bands We'd Like To See At The Symphony

This evening at Jones Hall, the Houston Symphony will be playing the music of Queen. Pretty fitting, considering the grand, orchestra-friendly nature of many Queen songs. However, there are a slew of other bands whose oeuvres Rocks Off would like to see interpreted by a symphony, and they're not all quite so obvious.

1. Mindless Self Indulgence: One of the weirdest bands Rocks Off has ever genuinely liked; we're of the opinion that an orchestral MSI would sound like a schizophrenic, hyperactive cross between Raymond Scott, Philip Glass, and a couple of other composers so weird we don't even know who they are. Plus we'd love to hear "Clarissa" played on the 4th of July as the city's fireworks go off.

2. Dream Theater: As far as prog-metal goes, these guys are already the most symphonic of them all, so it really wouldn't be much of a stretch to translate their music into something epic in the vein of Orff or Wagner.

3. Frog Eyes: A damned underrated band. These guys' music would bring a combination of weirdness and grandiosity to any symphonic proceedings. Huge and bug-ass crazy. There's just not enough music like that these days.

4. The Wesley Willis Fiasco: Willis, a 400-lb. schizophrenic homeless man who most people simply laughed at and then dismissed, turned out to be the perfect frontman for a chaotic noise band. Come on, there are noise acts who spend their entire careers struggling - and failing - to be as weird as Willis was naturally. We'd love to see an opera strung together out of their lone album. Playing the part of Wesley Willis: Gabourey Sidibe. She almost won an Oscar, she can do it.

5. Megadeth: We wouldn't exclude the band from this one. Instead, we'd love to see their equally-deserving catalogue get Metallica's S&M treatment. Ah, Michael Kamen, we hardly knew ye.

6. The Arcade Fire: This one is kind of a no-brainer. Thanks to their multi-instrumentalism, their music is already some of the most intricate and layered rock around. An orchestra would only add to its lush beauty, making all of us overeducated indie snobs in the audience completely lose our shit.

7. Gallows: There's only four of them, and it may seem that's really all the horsemen you need for their earth-shattering brand of apocalyptic hardcore punk. Still, carried over into a symphonic setting, Gallows' music would truly sound like the end of the world, perhaps even more than it does already.

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