Seven Movie Roles We Think Would Be Perfect for Nicki Minaj

Hip hop artist Nicki Minaj might be getting an opportunity to use the drama skills she acquired when she was studying acting at the performing arts high school she attended in New York. She's already exhibited her acting skills in two of her music videos as well as on SNL, where she performed and contributed to a few skits. There have been rumors that she will be starring in a film called Charge It To The Game. But in our investigation of Nicki's "acting career," we stumbled across some footage of an indie movie that she starred in years ago that we feel might best exemplify her aptitude.

After watching that, we think she should stick to rapping. It's all good. You can go to a performing arts school and not ever truly act. It's kind of like when we joined the soccer team in high school but were too chubby to actually play, so we sat on the bench until our pride told us to quit and join the newspaper staff instead.

If she does decide to pursue acting, however, we think she'd fair better in the cinematic realm of remakes. At least she'd have a reference point. We've gathered together some ideas for remakes (and remakes of remakes) we think might be decent for Nicki as in Lindsay Lohan's "I Know Who Killed Me" decent...let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Rosemary's Baby "What have you done to him, you maniacs?!"

Stepford Wives Nicki is robot-like and so plastically constructed that we can totally picture her as one of the wives.

Bride of Frankenstein She did a sub par job on the blaxsploitation skit-version featured on SNL called "Bride of Blackenstein," save the few lines that she forgot, but what's the worst thing that could happen?

American Psycho We'd like to see a woman like Minaj take the role of Patrick Bateman. We think she'd give an excellent performance. Maybe she could channel one of her creepy alter egos, Roman.

Showgirls Because we all want to see Nicki Minaj in the role that solidified Elizabeth Berkeley's career and transformed her from Saved By The Bell teen star into a respectable, mature actress. Oh, wait...

The Shining We know that given the time and atmosphere, Charlie Sheen in "The Sheening" might be more appropriate, but we beg to differ. This is another film where we'd like to see Nicki take the lead male role. Heeeeere's Nicki!

Kill Bill, Vol. 3 Bill's dead - the actor and the character - but for some reason we envision Nicki cast in a Quentin Tarantino film. Her venomous snake moniker can be "Death Adder."

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Allison Wagoner