Seven Songs To Mourn A Beloved Pet

The Craig's Hlist family had an emotional time this past week, to say the least. We had to say goodbye to our chihuahua Cholula after 11 years of bright-eyed yapping and begging for scraps and cookies. She had a bad back, which basically rendered her hind legs paralyzed the last week of her life, two cataract-ridden eyes and a tiny heart murmur.

Jimmy Stewart reads "Beau" on The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson, 1981

The vet told CHL's younger brother that Cholula wouldn't survive surgery in her state, so he had to make the choice to put her to sleep. We had a oddly mature discussion about it a week ago. It was probably the only one that didn't include a Motorhead or Beavis and Butt-Head reference in there somewhere.

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Craig Hlavaty
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