Shandon Sahm

Billed on his MySpace site as "the other white Iggy," Shandon Sahm takes his rawk seriously. He comes from the schoolyard where KISS meets the British glam rock of Gary Glitter, and where Adam Ant dukes it out with Bowie. His latest album, Knock Yourself Out, shows that the young Sir Doug offspring knows how to write punchy rockers that actually sound like songs. And when he covers one of Dad's rarities like "I'm Not That Kat Anymore," it's more than just a sweet nostalgia moment. Sahm has been around, drumming for the likes of Gibby Haynes and Meat Puppets, and those connections are hardly obscured by song titles like "Marijuana and Sex." He may not yet be the total thrash-master that Iggy was, but Sahm is certainly one of the rising talents on the Texas underground rock scene.
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