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Shellee Coley's Fiery Faith Burns Through Bridges

To tell you why I loved Shellee Coley's latest album, Songs Without Bridges, first I need to tell you about James Caronna. Both artists are people I discovered after getting to know Jeffery Armstreet at Red Tree Recording Studio, and both produce a similar type of Americana-flavored acoustic pop that is one of my favorite genre types.

In Caronna's case his first album Everybody Wants to be in Love kind of, well, sucked. Still, I kept tabs on him because you never know when someone is going to become something different. Well, Caronna did after making a bitter and public split with his religion and transforming the resulting angst into one of my favorite musical moments of 2013.

"I mentally said, 'Fuck it!", Caronna says via email. "I no longer let other people dictate the content of my art. The church was doing that to me, I left them wrote for two years and the album is what I came up with.

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