ShipRocked In Photos: Rocking Out On the Open Seas

It seems cruise ships have become the hot new venue for music festivals. ShipRocked is the latest popular cruise and has dubbed itself as the "ultimate rock and roll cruise vacation." The 2012 edition, which sailed November 27 through December 1, welcomed vacationing music fans from 49 states and 20 countries around the world.


Shiprocked: Hard Rock Hijinks On a Big, Big Boat

For the past four years ShipRocked has traveled to exotic destinations across the Caribbean while hosting hard-rock bands from Tesla and Vince Neil to KoRn and Godsmack this past year. But until 2011, the trips split the MSC Poescia in two, with half the passengers regular vacationers and half Shiprockers.

Overall the trips went well and everyone aboard had a blast, but there was more work for security and some confusion for passengers as all the music events were restricted to ShipRockers only.

This past cruise was the first time ShipRocked had the boat to itself, which made it that much more of a party thanks to big bands such as KoRn, Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, 10 Years, In This Moment, Filter, and many more.


ShipRocked: KoRn Fights Seasickness, but Fans Rage On

"You really get to see the heartbeat of rock and roll fans around here," said Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D., another ShipRocked band. "Everybody's going crazy, having a good time and then you get the luxuries of a vacation on a big ship. It's really quite amazing."

ShipRocked hosted cocktail parties with the rock stars, meet-and-greet events, dozens of concerts, plus beautiful destinations, new friends from all over the world, lots of alcohol and all the food you could possibly eat, which amounted to the best time of some passengers' lives.

For anyone who loves live music and traveling, ShipRocked is hard to beat.


ShipRocked: A Storm From Five Finger Death Punch, and the Weather

And for those who have always wanted to meet a rock star but haven't had the chance, ShipRocked is definitely the place to do just that. You not only see the bands perform onstage, but you'll drink with them, see them in the pool, in the casino, at the club on the ship, maybe even sit and have dinner with them. It is truly an unrestricted, all-access experience.


ShipRocked: A Monstrous Final Day On the Ocean

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