Shot In The Dark Photo Show Is Right On Target

For more photos from Thursday's show, see our slideshow.

They always tell you, "Go ahead and try it - it just might work."

So Rocks Off tried it, and it seems like it worked pretty well. Thursday night at Warehouse Live, about 250 people came through to eat, drink, mingle and admire the work of our 12 photographers in our first-ever concert photo exhibition, "Shot In the Dark."

We even had a few of our subjects show up: B L A C K I E, the only artist featured in two photos (if you've seen him live, you know why), and Bun B, who was looking for some mementos of U2's out-of-this-world 2009 Reliant Stadium show. He was down front, Bun told us, and suitably awestruck.

It was also nice to see Fat Tony; Nick Gaitan and Bart Maloney of The Umbrella Man; Austin Sepulvado of Buxton, Grandfather Child and Robert Ellis & the Boys - we think that's all of his bands at the moment - and the one and only High Priest of the Oldies, Allen Hill.

"Playing off the idea that a picture tells a thousand words, all those shots last night told a million apiece," Hill told us this morning. "The pictures just really captured the moment and the spirit of rock and roll. They showed what there is to be excited about.

"All those shots, I felt like I was in the audience and having the time of my life," he said. "Even the performers I don't particularly like."

Things like this don't come together on their own, so Rocks Off has a lot of people we'd like to thank. First of all, of course, are the photographers: Jay Lee, Matthew Keever, Kendra Berglund, Marc Brubaker, Jim Bricker, Mark C. Austin, Marco Torres, Craig Hlavaty, Groovehouse, Jody Perry, Larami Serrano and Jason Wolter.

But there's more: Houston Press Editor Margaret Downing and Art Director Monica Fuentes; the marketing crew of Brenna Croom, Allisen Picos and Brynne Galman; Mark Austin for the printing tips; Zilla Street Eats and MMM Cupcakes for the yummy food; everyone at Warehouse Live; and DJ Hlohl for the rockin' custom playlist.

There's almost always another show around the corner, so Rocks Off is fairly confident in saying we'll be doing this again. For now, you can see all the works in Thursday's show in our slideshow. They're still for sale, by the way, so if you see something you like, email us and we'll put you in touch with the photographer.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.