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Shot In The Dark: The Ones Who Got Away (So Far)

UPDATE (3:23 p.m.): Promotional video by Monica Fuentes added after the jump.

Slowly but surely, Rocks Off has been getting ready for our "Shot In the Dark" photo exhibition at Warehouse Live's Studio next Thursday. Our 12 photographers have chosen the photos they will be exhibiting and we are working on lining up music, food and whatnot. Remember to bring cash, not to get in (it's free) and not just for the bar, but because prints of each photographer's work will be available for sale.

Rocks Off does not envy our photographers. We've been in the pit enough times to know it ain't no picnic down there - read this if for some reason you'd like to know more of the absurd measures it sometimes takes to get those singing faces to your computer screen - and as many shows as they have all shot for us in the past few years, we also don't envy them having to narrow down their exhibition choices to just a handful.

So we decided to give them a break, by asking our Shot In the Dark participants to give us the one artist or band they haven't shot yet but would most like to. We also asked them to confine it to the living and (more or less) actively touring. Their answers were about as diverse as the list of shows they have already shot for us, but if the Rolling Stones do tour again soon (like we've been hearing), we're going to have a real problem on our hands.

Call it in the air, guys.

Video by Monica Fuentes

Mark C. Austin: The Rolling Stones. So iconic, so influential, so everything. Who wouldn't want a good picture of Mick and Keith rocking out together to "Satisfaction"?

It's probably safe to say there are more photographs that exist in the world of these dudes than any another other single band that has ever lived. Unfortunately, none of them were taken by me. Honorable mention probably goes to Bob Dylan, David Bowie and AC/DC. One day, fellas!

Exhibiting: B L A C K I E, Jonas Bros., Green Day, Tom Waits

Jim Bricker: Fortunately, in my short time of shooting shows, I've had the opportunity to take pictures of some of my favorites bands. There are still plenty of acts that I haven't yet shot, though, that have been on my bucket list for quite some time.

I could go on and on about wanting to shoot big-name artists like The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, The Who, U2, Pearl Jam and Radiohead, and if I really put my heart into it, I'm sure I could do such a thing, but there is only one band that stands at the top of my list of bands I need to photograph.

If you know me, you can probably guess who that is. If you don't know me, just go to Breakfast On Tour and find the band I've talked about most. I've done just about everything to take pictures of my beloved Phish. Since I started shooting in 2007, I've attended 13 Phish shows, signed up for press for most of them, and have never once been confirmed.

If only they knew my love for the band, and longing to stand in the photo pit in front of them with a wide grin on my face, then maybe they'd take pity and give me that golden photo pass. Another year of Phish shows, and I'll continue to try.

I can only hope that they make it to Houston, as I think that will be my first and only opportunity to take pictures of the band I call my favorite.

Exhibiting: Lucero, Hell City Kings, Kid Sister, Roger Waters

Marc Brubaker: Picking the artist I'd most like to shoot but haven't, now that's tough. I think if Page and Plant were looking a little better, I'd pull for Led Zeppelin - mostly because it would mean that the reunion tour that was tossed about several times (but dissolved into Jason Bonham's Zeppelin Experience) would actually happen, and that I could have my eardrums blown out in the front of the room.

I'd shoot Usher in a heartbeat - while attending the show with Craig Hlavaty, we picked out Marco's trademark red cap in the photo pit, and Craig can attest to my utterings of jealousy. I probably would've picked Britney on her Circus tour, but now I'll go with Katy Perry. As for why, do you even have to ask? Hey Chris, she's here on July 29 (wink-wink) - but Cee-Lo would be my runner-up.

Exhibiting: LCD Soundsystem, Scissor Sisters, Flaming Lips, TBD

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