Should Amy Winehouse & DJ Screw's Addictions Define Their Legacy?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday that isn't a national holiday (or thereabouts), Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

Ed. Note: Although the results of Amy Winehouse's autopsy last week were inconclusive, the Daily Mail reported Monday that one Tony Azzopardi, described as a "drug fixer," claims he the singer gave him several hundred pounds he used to buy narcotics the night before her body was discovered in her apartment. Her family has suggested alcohol withdrawal as a possible cause of death.

This Week's Panel: Kiotti, KAB, Mic Skills, Chane, #Thurogod, Renzo, A.D.D.

Not Invited: Recovering addict Vinnie Chase

This Week's Prompt: It's been a week since Amy Winehouse died. A question: Did it seem like her death was mocked? Why didn't that happen to, say, DJ Screw?

Kiotti: She didn't inspire a culture. It's plenty of junkie musicians. Screw was like The Beatles to rock music, B.B. King to blues.

KAB: Drank is [an] enjoyable drug that can help you if taken correctly, but no good can come from that 'cain. It's just a matter of time before you go. You see people sip drank in public all the time, but people will sneak to do coke because that's sucka shit.

Mic Skills: I really didn't see anyone mocking Amy Winehouse until this girl [Sunday]. Show some respect for the dead and those who mourn them. [When] Michael Jackson died, jokes stopped and allegations were exposed. Bash celebrities while they're alive; things change when they die. DJ Screw is a legend of Houston hip-hop and the South, mostly. In death, he gained more popularity, opposite of Amy and MJ.

Chane: In my opinion, her drug addiction was mocked because besides music, that what people seen her as. She became a face for drug addiction. On the other hand, Screw was mostly famous for being the innovator of Chopped and Screwed music. Syrup didn't really define him.

#Thurogod: I find it lame that anyone would mock Amy Winehouse's death. Even though it wasn't surprising, it was still extremely sad. As far as Screw's death, if you have love for DJ Screw, then stop glorifying his fatal addiction.

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Renzo: Nobody knew that you could die from drank until DJ Screw died. More people are catching on to that now. People have been dying from cocaine and other drugs for a long enough time to where you look negligent when you don't acknowledge it. I'm interested to know where Pimp C's death fits into the Drank legacy. Have enough people died from drank to call it negligence yet?

A.D.D.: Well, first off, I don't know why Amy Winehouse died yet. And I'm pretty sure people in her hometown aren't making jokes about it. People haven't down it down here because Screw is a hometown hero. Another reason could [be] because the game is so sexist, but that's a whole new topic.

Oh yeah, my video for "No Worries" dropped yesterday.

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