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Should I Have Sex With My Ex? Help!


Dear Willie D:

I confess, I’m a nagger. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I was watching a TV show the other day, and a woman was talking about all the things she does to nag her husband. I was sitting there thinking, “Oh my God! That’s me!" Seeing my actions played out through someone else’s life opened my eyes.

I always thought that women who nagged were pathetic. It didn’t compute to me that I was one of those women. I thought I was just checking to make sure things were done, or questioning him. I’m working on my little issue, but sometimes I still catch myself doing it. Any tips would be greatly treasured.

Nag Lady:

Men nag, too. We just call it complaining, and we don’t get what we want as often as women. In many cases, women who nag do it to the point where their man finally breaks down and changes, and when he does change they complain to their friends that he’s not the man they met. So the best thing you can do on your behalf to avoid losing the man you fell in love with is to accept him for who he is. It’s really that simple.

If he doesn’t like it when you constantly remind him to remove his shoes from the living room, or bark directions in his ear when he’s driving, stop doing it. Nothing good will ever come from it. I’m big on communication, but sometimes the most effective communication is keeping your mouth shut.


Dear Willie D:

It happened again today. I was going to write this letter to you this morning, but I put it off till now — nine hours later. I put off everything from washing clothes to taking out the trash. Sometimes I do better, and sometimes it gets worse. I don’t know why I’m like this. But if you have answers, I’m open to suggestions.


I know people who write out a to-do list to assist with focusing. When I find myself putting off things, I usually visualize the task constantly in my mind until I get tired of it occupying space in my head. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but if you have time to think about it, you have time to do it.


Dear Willie D:

I’m a single woman who will be out of town on business next month in the city my ex-boyfriend lives in. We haven’t been together or intimate in six years, but I am still attracted to him, and he is still very much into me. He is one of the few men that I have been with who know what I like sexually.

We have agreed to meet for dinner when I arrive. I don’t want to rekindle a relationship with him, but I am thinking about having sex with him. The only problem is, he’s married. What should I do?

Ex Sex:

There is no way I’m going to help you rationalize why you should have sex with a married man. But if you are going to do it, I suppose a known quantity is better than a stranger.


Dear Willie D:

With 46 percent of Congress being millionaires compared to a measly 1 percent of the American population being millionaires, how can we trust the people in office who vote on economic policy to look out for our best interest?

By the People:

We can’t. After being lied to over and over again about everything from taxes to wars, any American who trusts that Congress is looking out for his or her best interest is a new fool. Congress isn’t out of touch. It knows exactly what’s going on. Every single member is aware of the everyday struggles the people they’re supposed to be representing face. Most of them just don’t care.

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