Should Rappers Be Allowed to Release Music While Incarcerated?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. From time to time, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Roster: E.S.G., Killa Kyleon, B L A C K I E, Brad Gilmore, Kyle Hubbard, Fat Tony, more.

Not Invited: SPM

This Week's Prompt: There was this great story in The Atlantic recently about how SPM, incarcerated for 40-plus years after being convicted of child molestation, has been releasing music from prison via a loophole his lawyer had found. (Hat-tip to Dat Boi T for passing it along.)

The question: Should rappers be allowed to release music while incarcerated, and should their crime matter?

B L A C K I E: Only if it's about being in prison.

E.S.G.: Yes and no.

Preemo: I say yes regardless of the crime, only because we've locked up more people in this country than any other in the world.

TroubleSum: Absolutely. Music allows them to get their story out and provide for their family while they're away, as long as they're not incarcerated for rape, pedophilia or anything else perverted.

KDOGG: Yes and no.

Brad Gilmore: I think they should be able to, but most of the time their album doesn't get proper promotion. For example: T.I.'s No Mercy album. However, as for the crime part, they can release music in prison, but no recording.

Kyle Hubbard: Depends on the crime. If you're alluding to what I think you are, someone who had sexual relations with a minor should not be.

Kiotti: Depends. You mean like SPM? Or like when T.I. was locked up? Generally, I would say no.

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Yung Redd: Yeah, they can release music while in jail if it's orchestrated correctly. It could help or hurt. Now, if they did some unforgivable crime, then they should be silenced. Let his judge judge that.

Free: As long as it's previously recorded material. If they're recording verses over the phone like Shyne or some shit, then hell no.

Fat Tony: Imprisoned rappers should be allowed to release music by any means necessary. Their crime affects whether I listen to it or not.

D-Risha: I think they should be able to release music unless it's sent as a negative thing to hurt someone ala Chief Keef. It it's in a positive light, music is a release to someone who feels trapped.

Killa Kyleon: Freedom of Speech. America made the rule.

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