Should Rocks Off Pay $150 to Review Britney Spears?

It seems the recession is even beginning to cut into superstars like Britney Spears' pocketbooks. Rocks Off found out today that Spears' current "Circus" tour, which stops at Toyota Center Monday night, is what they call in the biz a "no-comp" affair, meaning the block of tickets usually set aside for press types like yours truly does not exist.

Guess the tour folks figure there's no reason to waste such a hot ticket on us journalist hacks when there's plenty of people out there willing to cough up the clams. (Although, according to www.toyotacentertix.com, as of Thursday afternoon tickets were still available at the $500 and $250 levels, so maybe they're not so willing after all.) Besides, Rocks Off suspects they've still managed to set aside a few freebies for corporate sponsors and the like.

Anyhow, Rocks Off has the option to submit a request to Spears' PR reps for a "VIP" ticket at about half of its normal value, which comes out to about $120-150. Normally, he would tell them that, although he's sure they're very nice people, they can stick those tickets right where the Good Lord split 'em. He's not exactly made out of money, you know.

But he's always had a soft spot for Spears, and he's never seen her in concert before. And, journalistically speaking, he figures this might be a rare opportunity to understand what kind of financial sacrifice paying this much for tickets means for people who aren't lucky enough to get in free most of the time. Especially in such trying financial times.

So Rocks Off figures the only fair thing to do is leave it up to you, the readers. Do you want to read a Britney review bad enough that we should shell out our own somewhat hard-earned money to get into the show? What would you do?

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