Shout Out Out Out Out

Edmonton, Alberta is known primarily for being really effing cold, housing the biggest mall in North America and being down the road from new-money boomtown Calgary. It's nice, then, that one of the premier Canadian electro outfits to get noticed elsewhere, six-man Shout Out Out Out Out, is from underrepresented Edmonton instead of filthy-with-musicians Toronto or Montreal. The band is actually something of a random sampling of a decent, if contained, local indie music universe ("freezaverse" -- seriously, shit is cold), including Nik Kozub, Clint Frazier, Jason Troock, Will Zimmerman, Lyle Bell and Gravy.

Shout Out Out Out Out -- they of the alienating band name and heavy-on-the-vocoder ethos -- are an excellent live party. They semi-famously make use of two drummers and four bass players, in addition to a flurry of other instruments, synthesizers, drum machines and tools (see: vocoder). Their shows devolve into wall-dripping cacophonies. Their typical live set is basically a combination of the best basement punk shows and dance parties you threw (or imagined) as a postpubescent looking to get sweaty and into it.

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Kate Carraway