Showing Off Our Photogs at Shot In The Dark Photo Show

In 2008, Rocks Off began giving our readers some of the best live concert reviews and photos to go along with them. When we started, it was usually up to the writers themselves to take the pictures from the photo pit or from the crowd. This writer remembers shooting the Foo Fighters at the Toyota Center early that year with a pocket-sized digital camera next to pros with huge Canon D-SLR rigs.

Very humble beginnings to say the least. But we got better.

As the music blog grew in size and scope, we were able to showcase the work of some of the best rock photographers in Houston, and the writing and the photos that went with them began to work together to tell the story of each concert in a way they couldn't before.

April 21, at 7 p.m. inside the Green Room at Warehouse Live, Rocks Off salutes 12 of our best photogs who spend the first three songs of every concert snapping pics of some of the biggest acts that come through town. These photographers will be showcasing their best four prints from their shooting exploits with the blog.

The photogs involved the show are Jay Lee, Mark C. Austin, Marco Torres, Groovehouse, Jim Bricker, Marc Brubaker, Jody Perry, Jason Wolter, Craig Hlavaty, Larami Serrano, and Matthew Keever and Kendra Berglund. Each week their work makes our concert reviews pop out in a way that continues to astound us.

The photogs will have some of their own prints on hand for sale to the public that night, with all the proceeds going to the photogs. There will be a cash bar, local food trucks parked outside to feed you, and a DJ spinning some of the music responsible for these shots.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty