Sick of Nickelback? Remove Them with Nickelblock

The holidays are a time for miracles and small gestures of goodwill by your fellow man. It's also a time of pushing and shoving and trampling to save 15 bucks on a flat screen that has the resolution of an iPhone. It's a complicated time of year.

But, something that isn't complicated is Nickelback. Lots and lots of people absolutely hate them. It's hard to say exactly why. Had Nickelback emerged in the hair band days of the 80s, they likely would've been lauded as a refreshing alternative to Poison and Warrant and, God help us, Firehouse.

Well, this ain't the 80s and the line in the love/hate Nickelback sand is about as clear as the one between Aggies and Longhorns, Hatfields and McCoys, Team Edward and Team Jacob. If you fall on the hate side of this equation and you use either Firefox or Google Chrome to surf the web, you might want Nickelblock.

The browser extension aims to rid your web experience of any mention of Nickelback. Essentially, it puts a big box over the name anywhere it is mentioned. It even puts asterisks over the name in the browser tab.

Add the plugin and you never have to feel that wash of anger pour over you when you accidentally stumble across the Canadian rockers online. You can chuckle at the fact that all they are to you now is a big gray box. Consider it an early Christmas present.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.