Sick Sick Sick: Fighting The Post-SXSW Flu With Music

It was bound to happen, stuck in a dirty town with a million French bands who don't wash their hands and drunk girls sneezing in their hands and opening the hotel lobby doors. Craig's Hlist came down with the SXSW Sickness sometime Sunday afternoon, probably while he was driving home through Bastrop. Maybe it was the decomposing dog skull we saw when we were trying to air up our tires that cursed us.

It's really disenchanting, because we didn't even party hardy at SXSW like we did when we were younger. So now we have this dumbass body cold that makes our joints and muscles feel like we bought one of those get-fit-quick DVDs on late-night TV, but we won't have rock-hard abs and killer quads to show for it once it leaves the building, which we hope is soon.

But then again, it's fun having bad fever dreams about zombies. Seriously, have you caught up on The Walking Dead yet?


But those are the breaks for spending a week at Hipster Spring Break, with the unwashed hordes. We keep wanting to pinpoint the moment we got sick. Maybe it was shaking hands with Adam Duritz, brushing up against Rachael Ray in a photo pit, or getting sweated on by the freaky steampunk/gypsy/WTF stilt-wearing dance troupe sometime on Friday night.

Japan radiation can kiss CHL's sneezing, sweating, coughing ass.

Queens of the Stone Age, "Sick Sick Sick"

Alkaline Trio, "I'm Dying Tomorrow"

New York Dolls, "Pills"

Thin Lizzy, "Cold Sweat"

James Brown, "Body Heat"

Pet Shop Boys, "What Have I Done To Deserve This?"

Coolio, "Too Hot"

Queen, "The Show Must Go On"

DJ Kool, "Let Me Clear My Throat"

Dinosaur Jr., "The Lung"

See next page for a playlist.

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Craig Hlavaty
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