Canadian post-hardcore group Silverstein (Neil Boshart and Josh Bradford on guitars, Bill Hamilton on bass, Shane Told on vocals and Paul Koehler on drums) is only six years old, but its members have been busy, busy boys. They've done three full-length CDs, an EP and several tours. Of course, it wasn't the plan to work this hard. Silverstein was supposed to be a side project for guitarist Richard McWalter and the group, all of whom were in other bands at the time. But after the success of their Summer's Stellar Gaze EP, it was obvious they were developing into a primo emo band. When they decided to go full time, McWalter left, Boshart took his place and Silverstein hit the road. The group's latest CD, 18 Candles: The Early Years, is an uneven collection of recordings made before they got signed to a label, but that hasn't fazed Silverstein fans.
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Olivia Flores Alvarez