Single File

50 Cent, "Get Up": "You got a Bentley coupe booty, baby / I wanna drive" — 50's a smooth ladies' man, at heart! "I have the savoir faire / I'm the reason everybody here" equals an excuse, finally, to include Fitty and Pavement's Steve Malkmus in the same sentence. Baseless metaphors abound, but at least he chose a high-­caliber Swizz beat this time and didn't blow his wad on another bloody "Candy Shop" clone. Promising.

The Killers, "Spaceman": My wife, to me, while watching the Killers performing this number on Saturday Night Live: "I wish I knew what these songs were about." Me: "Yeah, totally." Whatever the Vegas boys are on about — some sci-fi/Icarus first-person BS? — it's likable enough, even though the pace drags a bit and there aren't enough random '80s Bubble-Yum "oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhh's." Question for those who have caught 'em live before: Is Brandon always so blasted jittery onstage? Seriously unnerving.

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Ray Cummings