Sisters Morales

Sisters Morales -- Talk about a bumpy ride. First, Roberta Morales was set back with a bout of cancer (from which she has since recovered), then some Nashville record executives never followed through on signing Roberta and Lisa -- the company, according to the sisters, couldn't compartmentalize their sound neatly enough -- and now the couple is fighting for every sale of its recent album, Someplace Far from Here.

Things can only get better.

The album's overall tone is, well, sad. Songs yearning for long-lost loves are mixed with kicky country tunes, all wrapped up in melancholy lyricism. On the title track, Roberta sings: "Say, baby, let's leave this place / Drive on out and never look back / Break the rearview mirror and not count the things we lack."

Roberta dedicates "Too Deep of Water" to all cancer victims and survivors. What could have been a sad, melodic song turns out to be an upbeat, moving number. The sisters sing together: "Time will heal what's in front of me / Too deep of water / Naw, nothing's too deep." All together now.

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Giselle Greenwood