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Six Dancing and Singing Toys for the Holidays with Video

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The holiday season has crept upon us once again. There is nothing kids love more than toys that can bust a move. Dancing toys have always made the list of hot commodities during the Christmas season. Even some adults are amused and intrigued by their favorite characters moving to the beat. Here's a list of some of the best dancing toys of the past and present.


This Japanese toy was originally developed as a therapeutic device for children with autism. Keepon appears to just be a simple toy; it looks like two tennis balls stacked on top of each other. When the Keepon hears any genre of music played it responds accordingly and dances to the beat better than most humans. This one should be a favorite for kids and adults.

Dancing Star Mickey

Dancing with the Stars inspired Mickey Mouse in 2010. Mickey grooves to his own music all while hyping up his audience by clapping his hands. The toy dances to a variety of music genres including Latin and Techno. Mickey even takes it back to the old school and does the Moonwalk.

Dancing Gizmo

This dancing Gizmo toy sits on the fine line of cute and creepy. If you're a fan of the movie Gremlins then perhaps Gizmo swaying back and forth while singing his signature theme won't come off as scary. On the other hand, dancing Gizmo could very well scare the shit out of some kid that has never had the privilege of seeing classic 80s movies.

"YMCA" Elmo

Elmo always wins around holiday season. No matter what he's doing, kids will want that toy. Elmo toys have done numerous styles of dancing and singing. There has been a "Hokey Pokey" and a Chicken Dance Elmo. A favorite of mine is "YMCA" Elmo, not only because the Village People song is awesome but also because Elmo's moves are precise and will teach children one of the easiest and best dances ever. Although the lyrics are changed from "Y.M.C.A." to "E.L.M.O" the intentions are still great.

Fijit Friends

The Fijit Friends are another set of interactive toys that respond to touch and music. Not only does Fijit dance to it's own music but like the Keepon, the Fijit is open to dance whatever you like to listen to. The Fijit even talks and checks up on what you consider the hottest tunes to be. It's the best friend every child or lonely adult wants.

Homer and Mumble dancing together

These two toys are from the past so you may only be able to purchase them as collectables online. Mumble from Happy Feet just does a lot of shuffling when prompted but he's so adorable it's almost hard to deny his effort. Homer is a bit more complex because not only doe his hips sway back and forth but also he performs the first verse of "Rapper's Delight" by The Sugar Hill Gang.

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