Six More Weird Bands to Watch In 2013

Back in February, I told you about five weird bands that adventurous music listeners might want to watch out for if they happened to be looking for something outside the mainstream. As the year has plugged on, all five have done some exciting things, but even more noteworthy experimental bands have also made their presence known.

Some have already released albums and are getting tours underway, while others are leaving us in hot anticipation of their debuts. One thing's for sure -- these bands are not going to be turning up on the radio any time soon. So here are six more of the weirdest bands going right now for intrepid music listeners who prefer music in the realm of the totally bizarre.

Bangladeafy At least half of what makes New York's Bangladeafy so weird is the duo's origins, which are pretty different from your typical band of pissed-off teens from suburban neighborhoods. Their drummer is from Bangladesh, and their vocalist/bassist/pianist suffers from sensio-neural hearing loss. Now the name makes sense, right?

What doesn't make sense is their brand of math-metal, which explodes with complexity and creativity. Elements of other math-rock and metal bands are in here as well, like trace amounts of Tera Melos and early Dillinger Escape Plan, but overall their sound is pretty damn original.

Plus, for a duo, they make a hell of a racket. Bangladeafy's debut EP, The Briefcase, is available now on their Bandcamp page.

Mariam the Believer One-half of the Swedish band Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Mariam the Believer's debut solo record, Blood Donation, is an exceptional mix of influences that combine to make a seriously effective complete package. In her music, I hear portions of Peter Gabriel, My Brightest Diamond, Kate Bush, Fiona Apple, Sinead O'Connor, and even the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but they're all wrapped up in the genius of Mariam's songwriting and forged into something unique.

Blood Donation is already getting rave reviews from critics like Anthony Fantano, and with really good reason. Given enough time to grow esteem, it could end up being a classic, influential record on new artists to come.

Adultry Kidding Adultry Kidding is an experimental pop group from Houston made up of the husband-and-wife duo of Devin Finch and Gabby Mendoza, whose music is somewhere between the hip-hop instrumentals of El-P's Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixx series and industrial metal. It can be truly disturbing at times, and the imagery associated with the project is completely out of this world.

Since 2012, the duo has released five full-length albums, all of which are available for free on Bandcamp.

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Twitching Tongues Made up of equal parts hardcore, Ozzy Osbourne-era Black Sabbath, and Type O Negative-influenced goth-metal, Twitching Tongues defies expectations of either of those styles and produces something truly out of left field, a rarity in any genre.

Though "Preacher Man," the lead single of their latest record In Love There is No Law, is deceptively simple, the album erratically jumps around between style and approach, breathing some new life into typical hardcore features like breakdowns and blastbeats. That they're also really catchy is an even bigger feat. In Love There Is No Law comes out today, and the title track is avaialble on YouTube.

Chelsea Wolfe Though Chelsea Wolfe has been making music for years now, her new album, Pain is Beauty, promises to be her best yet. Anchored by lead single, "The Warden," it represents a slight change in direction for her, toward haunting, gothic New Wave. With a chilling verse and beautifully soaring chorus, it may be the best track Wolfe has done in an already esteemed career of experimental releases.

Pain is Beauty is due on September 3, but singles are already dropping. Wolfe recently followed "The Warden" with ""We Hit a Wall," which features a heavier guitar track and a pounding beat underscored by her emotive vocals. It's another hit, and definitely makes this one of my most anticipated records of the year.

Author & Punisher Author & Punisher is the one-man band of musician Tristan Shone, who takes industrial metal to its logical extreme. His brand of the style is far removed from what you might imagine from listening to a band like Ministry. Instead, it's literally metallic and machine-like. Imagine Tetsuo: The Iron Man became a musician, and you're not far off.

Plus, Shone performs like this, which is apparently a pretty impressive and sort of disturbing sight at his live shows. His new record, Women & Children, is out now and streaming for free online.


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